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Adi is the leader and visionary of Business Success Consulting Group. Her twenty-five years of knowledge and experience as a trained Industrial Engineer, management consultant, and business executive give her a unique understanding of the challenges businesses face.Adi utilizes her practical know-how and wisdom to successfully help organizations and companies of any size dramatically improve their efficiency and performance. By leveraging her ability to understand business processes as well as people and drawing on her high-caliber skills in vital areas of personnel management, finance, and operations, Adi can help virtually any business owner achieve their goals and bring order to their lives


Chad Gill

Documenting our processes was something we wanted to do and believed in its value but just could not get it done. The task of writing them all down was daunting. Enter Adi. Her process for getting the needed information out of our team was so easy and when we saw the results almost magical. We spent a year paying for Trainual before we committed to Adi. Our work yielded an employee manual we didn't use and some disappointing to do's. 45 days with Adi we had fully documented our sales process from lead to contract close. 90 days in we were done with operations. Now we refine and edit which is so much easier to tackle. Could not recommend her and her team strongly enough. If she were an Uber, we got there before we left and provided snacks. Truly an ideal experience.

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