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About Aldith

We offer a unique consulting experience leveraging technology, a fantastic human element, and a drive for your business's success. Let us help you streamline your customer experience while you focus on growing your brand.We also specialize in:- Training & Onboarding- Process Development & Improvement- Zendesk Administration- Shopify Store Development- Agent Recruiting- Social Media Management- Customer Journey Review- QA and Dispute Management


Jacque Moore

Aldiths commitment to quality work shines through with her unparalleled engagement when reviewing the briefs for the project in the pipeline. She was able to maintain a difficult project timeline while working in a field she was completely new to her. Aldith's Trainual experience is perfect for those wanting to build out their playbook at their business. She even displayed creative development skills through infographic execution. I highly recommend Aldith for her attention to detail, quality of work and timeliness to completion.

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