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I’m Allison Antoinette, founder & lead consultant at Allison & Co, and I believe in using business as a force for positive change to uplift our most vulnerable communities and address today’s pressing environmental challenges. We partner with multi six and seven figure purpose-driven businesses ready to get organized behind the scenes so they can step away from the grind and scale their impact...for good.

Our team has a natural love for creating order out of chaos and delivers over a decade of operations experience spanning across corporate, political and non-profit sectors. Through process documentation, hiring and training, and foundational systems, we help businesses like yours to thrive profitably, serve more clients and create high-performing teams.


Cody McCart

Allison has been an absolute blessing to our Firm and we cannot thank her enough! We are a Tax Firm and we hired Allison to do Process Documentation for our employees and their job roles, so that we can build out our Trainual account for our ever growing office. Her and her team are so helpful, knowledgeable and very easy to work with! She is very kind, patient and understands all the "in-and-outs" of Process Documentation. If you are looking for a Trainual Consultant, we HIGHLY recommend using Allison! 5 Stars!!!

Allison Kraus

Allison has been wonderful to work with! She has taken a process that would otherwise be overwhelming and made it manageable and easy to use. She understood and captured our business and training needs and was able to generate a wonderful training resource through Trainual.

Nate Cheviron

Allison is awesome! With her diverse background and unique experience, Allison has offered my company tremendous insight and value. She does a great job taking mission-minded companies from an ideological feel-good state to practical step-by-step instruction on how to onboard and train your people quickly and effectively. I couldn't have been more grateful to have partnered with Allison when setting up and kicking off our Trainual program!

Thomas Stanchak

It was a pleasure working with Allison. She took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish, then went about her work efficiently. She delivered as promised ontime and with exactly what was expected. Migrating numerous documents onto a new platform can be a time consuming confusing task. Allison's work was a tremendous value to our firm

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