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About Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, founder of Untangled. I work with business owners to systemize and scale by documenting what they do.

I first started documenting processes to solve problems in my own business, a food truck that I started in Nashville in 2011. I remember feeling like:

  • I was constantly reinventing the wheel
  • I was spending way too much time training new employees
  • And there was just a general sense of chaos

I also knew that if I ever wanted to sell my business, it needed to operate better without me.

Getting what we did out of my head and onto paper freed me as a business owner, not only to work on higher value activities, but also to work less if I wanted to. So after selling my first business in 2019, I started Untangled to help other business owners do that, too.

A couple years in I found Trainual, and it’s the product I wish I’d had from the very beginning. That’s why I partner with Trainual as a Certified Consultant, helping companies implement the platform, and also create the custom content they need to actually use it.


Devin Carder

Excellent communication. Professional training created. Highly recommend and look forward to working together in the future!

Rachel Parker

Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with! She was communicative and pleasant, and did a great job migrating our content both quickly and correctly. Would highly recommend her!

Julia Truswell

Elizabeth was essential to our Trainual set up, including uploading and organizing our content and providing additional support afterwards. Our team now has easy access to all processes and policies on a daily basis. Thank you!

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