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About Your Business Momentum

Your Business Momentum is the world's pioneer business to have a team of SYSTEMologists® dedicated to free you up from the daily grind of your business.  Please meet Greg Gunther and Aleksandra Vojinovic.

Greg Gunther, is a coach, mentor and Certified SYSTEMologist®, who knows first-hand the elation of business success and the desperation of failure. No overnight success, Greg has the experience behind him to help business owners fast-track their own success.

As a business coach and a Certified SYSTEMology®, it’s Greg’s experience as a business owner that put him in the position to be able to help small and medium business owners to gain back time, freedom and achieve real results. Greg believes that the true and lasting value of any business can be found in the maturity and efficiency of their business systems, their ability to replicate best practices and consistently produce desired results.

 Aleksandra Vojinovic, who is also a Certified SYSTEMologist®, and a communication expert, is here to lead the effective flow of the Systemology process delivery to businesses. By integrating her knowledge about systems, and her experience in operations, along with her Project Management expertise, she will help your team implement the Systemology process efficiently and effectively, ensuring the true value is extracted from this process.

Your Business Momentum operates as a team, uniting our combined strengths in order to provide the best support for clients, and maximize the value delivered to their business. It is our mission to release business owners from the daily grind and help them achieve Complete Business Reliability by successfully implementing SYSTEMology.


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I would highly recommend Your Business Momentum as a team to work with to systemize your business. They helped us create the structure of our core processes and understand our gaps in the customer journey.

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