Henry Lynch (Vsimple)


About Henry

Henry is an expert in the systems and processes used to serve and manage complex B2B businesses. As an ERP administrator and CRM consultant, Henry knows firsthand the gaps that exist for manufacturers, dealers, and distributors. Henry joined Vsimple as the VP of Product to ensure that the platform is focused on effectively solving the biggest pain points of the supplier-buyer experience.

About Vsimple

The company’s first-of-its-kind software platform is transforming the way work gets done for distributors, dealers, and manufacturers, streamlining everything from discovery to cash by standardizing and automating customized workflows. The platform brings these workflows together with communication, collaboration, document creation, document management, order management, customer experience and data analytics in one connected place. It’s ready in days, easy to use and highly economical. The company will even connect Vsimple to existing business systems, then work closely with organizations to ensure delivery of strong results.


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