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Jamie Seeker

Seeker Solution

About Jamie

I founded Seeker Solution with a heart for business owners and leaders and my goal is to help improve business operations in their companies. We are also here as a resource for our clients to ask for advice, lean on for support and be an understanding and listening ear when you just need to unleash and vent!You see, I started off my career in operations management, so I understand because I’ve been there. And now that I have a business of my own, I connect with other owners through a common understanding of experiences that only we face in this role. Prior to starting Seeker Solution, no matter what company I was with or what level of management I was in, it was ALWAYS so much more than what one person should handle alone. I had many times throughout my journey where I felt overwhelmed and alone. It didn’t matter how many hours I added to my work day, I could never seem to keep up and the load only got heavier and heavier.This is why I started Seeker Solution. It took me stepping out and away from the hustle to realize that I didn’t have to do it alone. And that what I went through and learned from could be repurposed to help others overcome those same obstacles.


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