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Jennifer Weiner

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Hi, I'm Jennifer, owner and CE-everything with WordPress Simplified and Java Social. I empower service-based female business owners through building and maintaining WordPress sites . Giving you back your time and energy to spend were it's the most effective is my goal. From helping you with your WordPress site to anything Trainual, I've got your back. My love for learning has lead me to get certified in several areas. I have Google certifications for using their analytics platform. Of the many HubSpot and Direct Marketer certifications I've completed, I'm super proud of the ones for content and social media marketing, and SEO. I'm an agency partner with hosting companies WP Engine and FlyWheel, and a certified data privacy agency partner with Termageddon. As an advocate for diversity, inclusion, equity, accessibility, I've partnered with the number 1 solution for web accessibility, accessible.

I'm always looking for ways to make my work accessible and welcoming to all.All that to say that I am constantly looking for the best ways to serve my clients, past, present and future. I understand the stress of wearing all the hats in your business. That makes it an honor for me to help you gain back more of your precious time. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of help in some way.When I'm not working or learning, you'll find me tending to the small horde of cats that think they own me and my husband. I also enjoy playing online games. And I binge-watching crime dramas for the millionth time as a relaxation method.


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