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If Krysta had a superpower, she would want it to be the ability to find everyone their perfect career. But alas, she’s no superhero. Krysta never had plans to get into the L&D space but fell into it in 2009 and never left. Having spent time at Suffolk Construction, TripAdvisor and Dellbrook | JKS, Krysta’s seen first hand the successes people can achieve when they find their career fit, and the struggles they experience being burned out in a career they don’t love. Krysta has also seen those same people who were struggling flourish when provided the right developmental opportunities. She’s seen those same successful people fly the coup time and time again when not provided enough of a challenge. That’s where learning and development comes in.

In the age of the internet, Alexa and YouTube, Learning and Development programs aren’t as much about formal learning as they are about building a learning mindset in each of your employees. L&D is less about “butts in seats” and more about closing the skill gaps through focused experiential learning. We are all capable beyond our wildest dreams. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to get us there.


Adam Wood

Krysta has been a huge help getting all our SOP's and training content into Trainual. Also very good at organizing and breaking down complex content so its easier to understand. I highly recommend her for any training and development work.

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