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The possibilities and opportunities for all businesses to transform in this new working environment is incredible. So many decisions and best practices for all areas of your business need to be nailed down and implemented, ultimately saving time and money. Lisa is the strategist and integrator behind the new business models and working environment we are creating together, accountability and efficiency coach, sharing proven organization, and time management methods, and a certified business systems professional.

HOW IT’S DONE: Showing you how to simplify your day-to-day operations and put more time back in your day using processes and systems. Ultimately creating the profitable and scalable business you have always wanted.

WHY IT WORKS: As someone who has owned and operated their own Insurance & Financial Agency, Government Contractor business as well as Coaching/Consulting business, she knows what it takes to get organized and put the necessary systems in place to create an environment where the business can run efficiently without you and create a sellable asset

WHAT MAKES HER DIFFERENT: She has spent 25 years as a Systems Integrator, President and CEO, and the wealth of experience she has attained in the sectors of Insurance & Financial, Federal Government Contracting, and Consulting means she understands her client's needs more than anyone else. Lisa is able to seamlessly integrate her battle-tested, industry knowledge and strategic plans to ensure her clients achieve their goals....EVERY TIME.

Lisa’s focus is serving her clients and community with excellence and integrity. Her vision is to help and serve as many people as possible and have a huge impact.


William M. Klorman, President/CEO Klorman Construction

Lisa has been an irreplaceable asset in our efforts to standardize our Systems and Processes. Unlike many of her clients, we had already completed 40 years in business, maintain approximately 800 employees and survive in the extremely competitive and complex commercial construction industry building cities. Making the decision to move forward was not hard, the work was in putting the pieces together and getting team members on board and productive. The changes we have seen in the last year are just what we were hoping for and we are beginning to reap the benefits. Could not have happened without Lisa’s assistance and guidance. – William M. Klorman, President/CEO Klorman Construction.

Robyn G.

Lisa worked with me to generate and co-create solutions to make my systems better organized, easier to use and duplicatable. She is an excellent facilitator and vital resource that gets things done.

Sherri Scott - Deputy Director of Katmai Government Services

Lisa is one of the most organized, efficient, and hard working professionals that I’ve had the pleasure to work with on projects. She is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. I highly recommend Lisa for all the services she provides!

John Eusebio, Texting Consultants

Lisa has kept us focused on building the infrastructure we need to service our growing client base. Being able to maintain our service levels while expanding is the challenge she has helped us overcome. Thanks Lisa!

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