Wendy Ella May

Safety Color Codes LLC

About Wendy Ella May

I’m Wendy Ella May, Founder and CEO of Safety Color Codes LLC. We are a Christian Based, Women-Owned, Disabled Veteran, business that was founded in 1980 as Safeway Group and reorganized in 2021 as Safety Color Codes LLC. Our mission is to help businesses run their business better, deliver higher-quality results to their clients and, ultimately, create an unstoppable team that can function completely independent of the owner.Our team partners with Trainual users to help them implement a solid, thoughtful and effective training experience for new and current team members. Through our long history of training, we have helped many small and medium-sized businesses to grow.Services include: Business Process Documentation, Business Systemization, Job Description Creation, Training, Hiring, Data Tracking, Digital Marketing Systemization.


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