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Australia-based, Organising Works creates, improves and documents systems for growth. Wendy works with business owners worldwide who are spending too much time on low-value tasks and not getting the results they want.Wendy removes the overwhelm associated with systemising a business by taking business owners and their team through a transformational framework.Wendy specializes in servicing Australian and International Small Businesses.


Mary Joan Brinson

I had the pleasure of working with Wendy during the past 18 months to build out our systems. I am the owner of a private mental health therapy clinic and I understood the need to develop clear processes to allow me to create a business that can eventually run well without me - but I had NO IDEA where to start. Wendy acted as a skilled, patient, and compassionate guide to help me move through this process. I'm not going to lie, I was overwhelmed initially, but with Wendy's guidance and support, she was able to break it down into manageable steps and I am so proud of what I have been able to create with her assistance. I could have never completed this project or had such a polished end product without her help. I would highly recommend her services!

Hannah Robertson

Wendy has been such a huge and vital help to the rollout and implementation of Trainual in our company! Through weekly calls she provided numerous different ways of content documentation, organization and creative ways to engage our employees. With about 115 employees and growing, we had a ton of content to document as well as 115 different opinions on how to best display our company's processes throughout our Trainual platform. I cannot recommend Wendy & her team enough! We now have the platform up and running, and are efficiently and accurately training each new hire as well as our existing employees. Thank you Wendy!

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