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Hit The Reset Button 👇

January 13, 2021


12 Qs to put your biz back on track

Your small business in 2021.

2021 is the year of the reset button. Meaning, if you can undo any lasting effects of last year, you’re probably going to. No questions asked. 

So it wasn’t totally out of left field when Trends - every entrepreneur's dream community - kicked off the year by asking their 6k+ subscribers to table their latest initiatives. And just take a half-hour to “get back to the basics.” 

How exactly? With a 12-question worksheet that'll prepare your business for 2021 (and beyond). For example, it asks: 

  • You to name (minimum) 5 of your company's raving fans 
  • How you help your customer impress who they want to impress
  • What you're assuming about this year (but also, what if you're wrong?)

And while January seems too early to call it, this might be the most helpful free resources that’ll hit our inbox this year. So, of course, we're passing it along to you! 

👉 Get the free worksheet. 


Why having a BOS is totally boss

A business operating system (or BOS for short) is the way you run your company. It’s how you do what you do, your end-all goal, and what you expect from your team so you can get there.

And once your BOS is clearly documented and shared, it makes sure your business runs predictably and efficiently. That way, you can focus on scaling your small business – not what’s happening in the day-to-day.

Now the real question: can you scale without a BOS? 

Technically, yes. But at that point, just commit to the fact that you’re doing things the hard way. (Not to mention the more expensive way.)

So here's a quick way to check if your business specifically needs a BOS:

How to tell if your business needs a BOS

👉 Here’s how to build your BOS. 


What's a big career change really like?

Ah, your 40s! When you're most likely to make a drastic career change. AKA go from a full-time gig to freelance, or even change industries altogether. 

And coincidentally, the age when founders are statistically the most successful. 

But that's not to say, "wait until you're 40 to follow your dreams." Because age has nothing to do with how successful your career change is, says Sara Ellis, cohost of the Squiggly Careers podcast. 

The Hustle found that people who actually take the leap of faith and jump into a totally new career feel more fulfilled and rarely regret it. No matter what their reasoning is for making the drastic change. 

👉 See the full study.


All things training and retaining (in under an hour)

Welcome to rock bottom (at least until you attend this event)!

You don’t need us to tell you that 2020 was a blockbuster year. Tens of millions of people were laid off within a few months, and then millions were hired under new circumstances. All while businesses learned how to manage their teams remotely. 

And onboarding and training became a crucial skill for organizations. Companies that had a competitive edge were able to train workers effectively and efficiently.

So, join Trainual CEO Chris Ronzio and Elite Entrepreneur CEO Brett Gilliland this Thursday, January 14, to learn all about training and retaining top talent in 2021. You’ll walk away with: 

  • An onboarding strategy that is proven to retain top talent
  • A more effective way to train your team remotely
  • Tactical tips for preparing for whatever this year has in store

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