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Amazon's Hidden Cash Cow 🐮

April 7, 2021


How to build the ultimate SMB tech stack (for free)

If you ever thought this can probably be easier, you're right - it can be! Especially when it comes to running your small business. All you need is the right tools in your tech stack.

And lucky for you, there's no shortage of small business tools out there. In the past few years, it seems like new software pops up every week. And they do everything from collaboration to HR management.

An example of some of the best small business tools

But with so many options, how do you know which one makes sense for your business? And more importantly, how do you stay within your budget when most of them come with a hefty price tag?

The good news is that we've done the due diligence for you. And the even better news is that every single tool on this list is completely free. That's right, free.

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This Amazon cash cow can’t be shipped

Amazon continues to be super salty towards politicians on Twitter. But they're definitely not saying much about their advertising business. Probably because if they did, people might notice that ads are taking over the platform.

Navigating through Amazon be like...

In 2020, ads pulled in $20B+ in sales for the company. Roughly $13.6B of which is suspected to be operating income. AKA money that funds other operational costs (like speedy shipping).

You might be surprised - but overnighting toilet paper doesn't make Amazon a lot of money. Especially when most of the people getting it aren't paying for shipping. So, other cash cows (like advertising) make up the margins.

Meaning, the same brands that are put at a disadvantage by Amazon's express shipping are the ones paying the cost.

That's because roughly 50% of consumers start their search on Amazon. So, advertisers are guaranteed to get in front of the right audiences - despite Apple's new privacy settings.

Plus, last year, 90% of advertisers on the platform saw at least a 4x return on their ads. So, until people get sick of seeing all the ads (they will - just look at e-Bay), it'll likely be one of the safest advertising plays for the time being.


Why the most productive people set aside "me-time"

Treat yo self to some "me-time"

You deserve some time for yourself! But with everything on your to-do list (personally and professionally), it may feel impossible to fit it in - while also getting everything done.

But here's the catch: "me-time" makes you even more productive. That's because it allows you to give yourself everything you need to function at your highest (and happiest) level.

So, here's how to find "me-time" in your schedule:

  • Define what you need. Whether it's more sleep or time for hobbies, get clear on what you need. That way, you can plan to make it happen.
  • Do what you can. You might not have time for "me time" every day. But aim to put aside at least 3 half-hour pockets a week for it.
  • Schedule it. Yes - actually put it on your calendar. (Or have BreakBot do it for you.) Then, show up for it!
  • Prep for roadblocks. For example, if feeling tired after work keeps you from exercising, try doing it before work or on your lunch break.
  • Set clear boundaries, like no pings after 7 pm or no calls on the weekends. Just make sure you communicate them to others.

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Build a better business in 25 minutes (or less) a day

The daily podcast that lets you steal a page out of other peoples' playbooks is back - with an all-new name. Enter Organize Chaos!

Our podcast, Organize Chaos, helps you steal a page out of other people's playbooks!

And we’re kicking off the new season with “The Gay Leadership Dude,” Dr. Steve Yacovelli. As a leading diversity consultant, he’s worked with everyone from Walt Disney Company to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Now, he’s walking you through his process for auditing where companies are at diversity and inclusion-wise. Plus, what to do with the results, so you can attract the most diverse talent.

👉 Catch the exclusive 25-min interview.


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  • Yep, Visa CEO Alfred Kelly actually went there… and rolled out plans to make everyday cryptocurrency transactions mainstream.
  • Before you bring back the ping pong tables, Starbucks’ VP of Global Benefits breaks down which benefits can lift your bottom line.

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