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July 28, 2021


The secret to great training videos is a free integration

Quality doesn't need a high price tag. Especially when it comes to your team's training.

If you are reading this, odds are it's on a device with a camera. Meaning, you don't need to spend money on another version of something you already own. By using your laptop webcam or smartphone camera, you can start creating effective training videos for free!


But we’re going to be real with you. When it comes to creating training videos, our best advice is to focus on the training part. Not the tools you use. 

That’s because your content has to be intentional. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a video that won’t teach your team anything. And you’ll be left filling the gaps yourself (which is exactly what the video was trying to prevent). 

So, before you hit ‘record,’ ask yourself:

  • What is this video for? Such as walking through your sales process.
  • Who is this video for? Maybe your new hires and existing team members.
  • Where will you house this video? Ideally, in Trainual (wink).

Then, based on your answers, make a few talking notes or write a loose script. That way, your content will touch on all the points you need to make. Now, you’re ready to start recording. 

Personally, we’re not super into making training videos into a Hollywood production. But we do level up the tools we already have with Loom. AKA the free app that records your screen, face, and sound (or any combo of) in one frame. 

And since Loom partnered with Trainual (did we forget to mention that?), you can do all that right from your training tool. Your final take will automatically embed into your team’s existing training content. That way, you only have to explain a concept once. Then, you’re done!

Plus, don’t worry about someone stumbling over words or saying “um” as long as the message gets across. Keeping these moments in the final take can make your training videos more human and, as a result, more engaging! 

👉 Try the integration for free.

P.S. Prefer to upgrade your equipment? Check out all the video tools we use.


Crocs sues 20+ brands for copying their iconic design

Love them or hate them, Crocs are back. And with the recent explosion in popularity, many retailers are trying to profit off the polarizing design.

Crocs are in style

In Q2, Crocs reported $641M in sales (nearly double the previous quarter). This puts the shoe brand on track to grow by 65% this year, thanks to the pandemic's preference for comfort over style. 

But people aren't just buying the OG easy-to-clean boating shoes. "Imitations are a pretty big business in themselves," explained Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail in New York.

And big-name brands like Walmart, Skechers, and Hobby Lobby have started to offer their own copycroc version (sorry, we had to). Crocs is furious.

So far, the shoe brand has filed lawsuits against 20+ brands, claiming that these companies are "unfairly profiting from its signature look." They're looking to block the import and sale of the knockoffs. And the US International Trade Commission is seeing if they can step in.

"These actions underscore our determination to take forceful steps to protect our trademarks and other intellectual property," the company's chief legal officer, Daniel Hart, told Washington Post. 

But copycats are nothing new. H&M, Zara, and other big-name retailers are notorious for ripping off big brands and independent designers alike.  

The only difference is the smaller brands can't afford the lawsuits that big names like Crocs can. Especially when, in the US, copyright law doesn't provide exclusive rights to a design if the item is inherently useful (like shoes). The only exception is if a logo or brand mark of some kind makes it onto the knockoff. 

This leaves small businesses at a blatant disadvantage. But with Crocs ripped off, the shoe is on the other foot. And we might just see these copyright laws reimagined real soon. 

👉 Read the full story.


LGBTQ+ folks still face lots of workplace discrimination

June hit, and everyone seemed to change their logo. And as if on cue, those logos changed right back when July rolled around with no additional actions taken. But for a lot of LGBTQ+ employees, these actions are just performative

Trainual folks

In fact, 53% of LGBTQ+ folks said they'd experienced or overheard anti-LGBTQ+ comments by coworkers. And as a result, 47% feel like being fully 'out' at work could hurt their careers. 

But here's the thing: this sense that companies don't care about their LGBTQ+ employees starts at the top. Nearly 80% of workers say they want to work for a company that genuinely values diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). But only 63% think their executive team genuinely cares about DEI initiatives. 

You probably don't need me to tell you why DEI is important for your team's happiness or your bottom line. We've all seen the reports that these efforts can significantly prevent turnover. Plus, help you outperform your competitors

But, how do you show your team that you genuinely care?

  1. Roll out policies that protect your LGBTQ+ employees (like DEI policy and anti-harassment). Then, hold everyone, regardless of their title, accountable for upholding these policies. You can even steal our DEI policy template.
  2. Make space for the hard conversations about your team’s diverse experiences. We like to do these inside our affinity groups (like less formal ERGs). That way, everyone feels safe and can be completely open. 

We won't say that infusing DEI into your company culture is easier than just changing your logo. It's not. But if done right, you’ll set your company up to create real change for your team.

👉 Get even more ways to promote DEI.


This week's highlight reel

  • I can't watch! The Tokyo 2020 Olympics saw a record drop in viewership, with only 17.7M US viewers tuning in to the opening ceremony. But they're seeing a record high participation from female athletes after adding 18 new events to push gender equity.
  • A little birdy told me. Meet Twitter Blue, the social app's first subscription service. Subscribers unlock exclusive features, like an "undo tweet" option.
  • To stream or not to stream. HBO Max outpaces other streaming platforms' after adding 2.8M subscribers in Q2. Meanwhile, Netflix lost 430k in the US and Canada last quarter.
  • I need some space. Billionaires are spending upwards of $250k to ride in a spaceship for like 11 minutes. And literally, only news outlets care.
  • For the people. Robinhood, the fintech app that democratizes investing, wants you to invest in them. In an unusual play, the company plans to sell 35% of its shares (or $770M worth) directly to its users when it goes public. 

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