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Creating a Culture of Belonging

Unpack the what, why, and how of creating a culture of belonging in your organization.

If diversity is having a seat at the table and inclusion is having a voice... then belonging is about having that voice truly heard. But why focus on belonging? And how does it help organizations succeed?Join Shawn and Tori, plus special guests Jerry Gratton and Rhys Green from Trailblaze Partners where we unpack the what, why, and how to start creating a culture of belonging in your organization. We'll share practical examples of how leaders can develop mindsets, tools, and habits that enable team members to truly feel they belong… and as a result, perform at their best.

You'll learn:

  • How to identify a starting (or continuation) point for building a culture of belonging
  • How to support managers in fostering a more fulfilling culture within their teams
  • The practices of belonging cues, recognition, and stake in the outcome toward creating a stronger culture of belonging

Who should watch:

  • Company leadership, managers, supervisors, team leads, etc.

Resources shared during the session:

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