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Employee Onboarding

The best way to get started in Trainual is to create your employee onboarding process.

Think about when you’re hiring, whether it’s one, ten, or one hundred people, the first day at your company solidifies the first impression of your company. If they show up and you’re scrambling with papers and disorganized training documents,  and you keep popping in to tell them new things you just thought about that they need to know…That experience of the chaos of their first day translates into chaos of their first year when the proper expectations and instructions are not set up front.Start by documenting that very first day. Will you take them for a tour? Who will you introduce them to? Do you take them out for lunch? What is your general orientation process like? Give them everything they need to know, but not just them, all new hires!On day one, everyone should have the same experience. They shouldn’t be relying on the HR manager or trainer who may be on vacation or having a bad day. Put that new employee orientation process into a subject or topic in Trainual and assign it to everybody in the company to create a consistent foundation.Your existing employees will fill in the gaps, the forum will be a helpful place for questions and answers, and you will continue to refine the process as you go. But starting in the same place every time will make a world of difference for your new team members.👉 Get Trainual for all your onboarding needs today!

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