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The SMB Playbook For Building High-Impact Teams

[videoblock image="" videourl="" rounded="true" ]Building a high-impact team doesn't happen by accident. Admittedly, it's a lot of work. Especially for SMBs that might have limited bandwidth.But creating scalable hiring processes improves your company's efficiency. And it creates greater alignment between candidates and the roles you want to fill.Here's the good news: if you put in 60% of the work upfront, you can make sure you hire the BEST people for your business every time! And you can make your hiring process a lot more efficient moving forward.Hear from Trainual Head of People Ops Sasha Robinson how you can build a robust hiring playbook. Plus, see all the processes you'll need and learn how to scale them when the time comes.You'll even get actionable steps to ensure your hiring process is equitable and inclusive!

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