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Trade Shows And Events

Are you reinventing the wheel every time you have an event? Or trying to remember what worked and didn’t work at the last trade show?

It’s easy to pack up your event materials into a box and shove it into an office corner only to look at again the week before the next event. But documenting your trade show and events strategies in Trainual will help keep things consistent, no matter when your next event, or who gets put in charge of it.There are processes to consider for every event, which may include booking a venue, purchasing promotional supplies, or booking travel, and within each of those buckets, there is contextual information that your team needs to know. Like who is the vendor we ordered from last time? Who was our rep there and what was their contact info? How much time do we need to set up our trade show booth? How far in advance should we book the venue?Those types of procedures and processes can and should be documented inside Trainual so that your marketing or event ops team who will run the event can understand the process and easily search the info they need, when they need it.

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