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Solicitation Policy Template

This template provides a basic structure for your solicitation policy.


When coming to work, most people expect they will, you know, work! But, we do other things at work, like eat lunch, go on breaks, and socialize with coworkers. All of these activities contribute to the fun and productive work environment we have here. One thing that can detract from it is a solicitation. Here, you'll learn exactly what that is and what it looks like - as well as how to report it.


Our solicitation policy applies to all employees (including full-time, part-time, and contractors), visitors, business partners, customers, and anyone else on company property during work hours.

What is solicitation?

Solicitation is any kind of request for money, support for organizations/events/products/causes unrelated to the company.Specifically, things such as but not limited to:

  • Asking for donations for a non-profit organization/charity
  • Asking for signatures for petitions or something similar
  • Selling products/services
  • Asking for support of a political candidate
  • Attempting to convert others to your religion

“Distribution” is considered handing out writing or pamphlets for commercial/political purposes. This is also not allowed!Also, we define a “workplace” as anywhere on company property where employees will be working (such as offices/meeting rooms). We don’t consider the cafeteria, hallways, and outside spaces as part of the “workplace."

Our solicitation policy

Solicitation is not allowed during working hours. This does not include breaks and meals.


If someone does not work for us, solicitation will only be allowed if they have approval from management. No exceptions.Former employees cannot return to the company property to solicit from our customers or current employees for personal-business related reasons. [We may have you sign a non-solicitation agreement before you leave your position with us.]


As an employee, you have a little more wiggle-room when it comes to solicitation.Solicitation may be allowed for instances such as:

  • Helping organize an event or gift for another employee (such as a birthday celebration/birth/adoption)
  • Asking for help with a company-sponsored event (such as fundraising/charity)
  • Inviting a coworker to events outside of work after getting approval (such as getting lunch/volunteering)
  • Asking coworkers to join work-related groups that are protected by law (such as discussion unions)

No matter the situation, we ask that you stay away from distracting others while at work. The following solicitations are not allowed:

  • Selling items/goods for personal profit
  • Asking for funding/support for a political campaign
  • Posting unapproved non-work related materials to the company bulletin boards
  • Handing out or attempting to sell non-work related materials to coworkers, customers, partners, and vendors
  • Attempting to invite/convert employees to groups/ideologies against our non-discrimination and equal opportunity guidelines

Please note: You are legally allowed to say no to any solicitation attempts. Nobody can force you to go to anything, give money, or show support for any cause (such as charity events or products being sold.) If someone solicits you, respectfully remind them of the policy. If they persist, let [your manager/HR] know.But if you have a work-related request, this does not count as a solicitation. If you need help or are organizing something for work, feel free to ask away! [If you discuss union matters of any kind, this does not count as a solicitation by local law.]And if you are ever in doubt about what we consider to be a solicitation, stop by and chat with [HR].

Disciplinary action for solicitation

The following may trigger disciplinary action:

  • Soliciting at work, during work for unauthorized reasons/events
  • Being overly persistent with coworkers, causing them to become uncomfortable
  • Handing out literature or media that encourage hate or violence
  • Embezzling donations from other employees meant for approved events/charities

If you are found doing any of these things, we will apply our [disciplinary action process] to resolve the issue. Each case will be investigated on an individual basis by [HR].

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Have a question about this policy? Reach out to [HR contact].

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