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G’day, how's it going? I am Krish. Nice for you to stop by. I am a bean counter (CPA from CPA Australia) and I love my numbers. Telling an entrepreneur’s story through numbers is my passion. I have the highest respect for entrepreneurs. It’s only because of them, their vision, their craziness, their passion, that millions and millions of us are able to put food on our dining tables.

However, I see these entrepreneurs (especially small business owners) are extremely talented in their own trade but struggle when it comes to managing "the business". It all boils down to lack of structure & processes.

"Trainual" is a beautiful software where the heavy weight is lifted off for us. So, the three way partnership: Trainual-Advisor-Entrepreneur is a fantastic relationship.

Entrepreneurs, please reach out! Feel free to contact us:

Krish Ravipati, Trianual Certified Consultant, Certified Bean Counter! You build businesses, we build processes!


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