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The organizational chart has never been better organized

Org charts are cool, but most of them fall short of being actionable. Because roles shift, responsibilities change, people come and go, and in a growing business, it all happens so fast! But Trainual finally makes it easy to keep track of who's who, who does what, and how.

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As soon as you add your team to Trainual, things will start to take shape. From the People Directory and Profiles, to your Org Chart, and every Role and Responsibility in the middle. This is how you finally visualize the connections between the people in your business, all the things they do, and how the work gets done.

Who's who?


Never forget a name. Or a job title. Or how long they've been with the company. Or their favorite breakfast cereal. You know, if they put that in their bio...

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Ah, structure

Org Chart

As teams expand, people want to know where they stand. Who reports to who and who’s on what team? Plus, better plan for future growth by identifying gaps on existing teams and visualizing who might grow into future roles.

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Hi, my name is...


Everything you could need to know about a member of your team, at a glance. And easily accessible from both the Directory and the Org Chart too.

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Game changer

Roles and Responsibilities

You might wear a lot of hats as the business grows. The only way to know for sure what hat to take off next is to write down all the things you do.

Organize which responsibilities go with which role, or even realize you need a new hire for stuff that fits in no current role.

Plus, link responsibilities to related processes to auto sync the training on that thing you do! #realmagic

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Easy Integrations

Trainual syncs seamlessly with tons of work apps you already use. Like your HR and payroll system, your favorite messaging app, and thousands more.

Trainual's corporate policy management software integrates with Google DriveTrainual's policy management system integrates with Zenefits

Start faster with templates

Hundreds of templates for common small business processes and policies that you can add to your playbook in minutes.

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