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Take the headache out of your employee handbook

With Trainual, employee policies don't equal paperwork. Instead, centralize all those important need-to-knows and rules of your workplace into a guided, organized, digital employee handbook that can track and even test who knows what.

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We're not a fan of red tape either, but all growing businesses need policies.

Start with a template or write your own rules
Turn boring policies into bite-sized learning
Decide who needs to know it
Update your team and track who's up to speed

The easiest way to train and grow your team™ while making ops & HR easy

Policy and procedure management example: dogs in the office

The world changes fast and so do the ways you work.

Trainual allows you to assign new policies or push updates to your entire team in a couple of easy clicks. So, let's say if everyone had to suddenly go remote (wouldn't that be wild!), you could easily update that work from home policy and ensure they're good to go.

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Easy Integrations

Trainual syncs seamlessly with tons of work apps you already use. Like your HR and payroll system, your favorite messaging app, and thousands more.

Trainual's corporate policy management software integrates with Google DriveTrainual's policy management system integrates with Zenefits

Start faster with templates

Hundreds of templates for common small business processes and policies that you can add to your playbook in minutes.

Organize the chaos
of your small business