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January 21, 2021


This one 100% affects you

Yes - you!

Hey there- we’re now dropping into your inbox on a different day! 

We'll still have all the news you need to know - before your competition figures it out. Cutting edge tech, shifts in the market, and emerging trends included.

But now we're hitting send on Wednesday mornings (not Tuesdays) to make sure we're collecting only the best resources for you. (You'd be surprised how much happens in business over the weekends!)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… 👇


Jobandtalent is turning ‘gigging’ into a career

Commitment is overrated anyway!

Basically, Jobandtalent is the Tinder of the staffing marketing. Meaning, it's a digital agency that matches employers with temp workers looking for a casual gig.

And for companies in the logistics, warehousing, and transportation sectors, Jobandtalent has made quite the name for itself.

Unlike the competition, this platform offers a full suite of workers' rights and benefits packages. And as a result, they're attracting top-tier temp talent for you to pick from. And they're mostly people who actually want to make a career of gig work. 

Last year, they reported helping over 80k workers land temp gigs on the platform. And they're projecting increased opportunities this year as the pandemic continues.

Currently, the company only operates in Europe in South America. But having just closed Series C with $108M in their pockets, Jobandtalent is ready to expand to new markets (including the US). All in all, we'd say they've got a good gig going!

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2021 B2B marketing predictions? How dare they

The fastest moving marketers are scoping out the current landscape.

We know what you’re thinking. Did last year teach us nothing?

And you’d be right - it was a total flop as far as predictions and long-term planning go. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t smart, reliable moves to be made. Namely: 

  • Pivoting your in-person, well, everything to remote
  • Doubling down on your online communities 
  • Building empathy into your business playbook 

So, now that the 2020 dust is settling, the fastest moving marketers (Trainual CMO Jonathan Ronzio, B2B Better host Jason Bradwell, and more included) are scoping out the current landscape. 

And they’re placing bets on what marketing strategies will be big this year. Here are some of their predictions so far: 

  • Leverage employees to help advocate for your brand and amplify your message on social media
  • Sharing exclusive, short-form stories across all your company's social platforms (not just the "business-y" ones)
  • Collaborating with the lifestyle brands that your target customers already use (or want to use)

👉 Catch all their predictions. Plus, how to put them into play!


7 ways to engage your remote team

We’ll just say it - engaging a remote team is freaking hard! But it's not impossible. 

So, if you feel like you're losing people, here are the 7 engagement strategies that actually worked for us: 

  1. Bring back the water-cooler moments. AKA encourage your team to take time and socialize during the workday
  2. Embrace virtual onboarding and training. (We're not biased or anything - but we love Trainual for this 😉)
  3. Plan a virtual retreat. Just make sure it's packed full of team bonding you can do over Zoom
  4. Schedule quarterly all hands to let your team in on the state of your business and what's coming
  5. If your team is local, ding-dong ditch them! Just be sure to leave a snack or swag behind
  6. Host virtual parties. I mean, seriously, who couldn’t use a distraction right now? Even if it's just a few hours
  7. Offer on-demand TLC. Designate someone that your team can vent, scream, laugh, whatever with

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Can something objectively be the best?

While we want to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, the real answer is yes. Something can, in fact, be objectively the best. At least in its category.

For example, in the TV world, the best is The Office. But we're not just saying that. The proof is in the Peacock (like the Netflix competitor, not the bird).

We bet Dwight would be a sore winner over this one.

When the show's contract with Netflix was up for renewal in 2019, NBCUniversal didn't bite. Instead, they created Peacock. A streaming platform almost solely reliant on The Office. And, somehow, this business model works...? 

Well, not "somehow." In 2020 alone, people watched 57B+ (yes - with a B) minutes of The Office. That's roughly 50% more than the 2nd-most streamed show (Grey's Anatomy), per Nielsen

But you don't get to those numbers with people watching the show once. So, if you're one of those people that watch this show on repeat (a-hem, us), then they have to subscribe. 

So, it's not really surprising that Peacock closed their first year with 26M+ subscribers. A feat you can really only do if you're offering the best. Case closed. 

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