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Mission, Vision, And Values

Have you taken the time to document your business mission, vision, and values? If not, you should. This is great introductory material for any new employee, and having these things written down, also helps solidify your business direction with a rallying message that everybody can get behind.Your mission is the purpose of the company – what impact are you trying to create?Your vision is where you see the company going? What’s that big milestone you’re going to achieve in 5, 10, or 20 years?And then, what are the core values that you operate within? These helps you act a filter for hiring or firing employees.Within Trainual, you can make separate steps for your mission, your vision, and your core values and build out the content that everybody on your team should know. Add photos for examples or even videos of yourself or your team talking about the pieces of your MVV and what they mean in relation to their roles, responsibilities, or relationships with colleagues and clients.Here’s an example of how Organize Chaos documented their mission, vision, and values in Trainual.


Testing New Hire Comprehension:

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